Music Hire

Using the Library

Choirs are welcome to hire music. The minimum hire rate is for up to 3 months and pro-rata per month thereafter. Hire price is agreed for each hire such that a three month hire would cost approximately 20% of current publisher’s price for the item, plus P&P.

Download a copy of the list of music available to hire here (PDF, 5 pages, 48 KB).

Please note that the following terms and conditions apply:-

  1. The hire arrangements will detail the hire rate, the outward shipping rate and the agreed date for delivery and for return.
  2. Outward shipping will use a tracked or signed for service with sufficient insurance to cover any loss. We advise the use of similar for return. A notional insurance value will be indicated for the consignment to assist return shipping arrangements.
  3. Once the material has been despatched an invoice will be emailed by our Treasurer. We ask that this be paid up on receipt.
  4. Choirs/Societies are responsible for return shipping. The mode of return shipping and date of dispatch should be agreed by email.
  5. All copies will be inspected prior to dispatch and any minor damage noted.
  6. Any losses/damage during use or return shipping are the responsibility of the hiring choir and a second invoice will be issued for replacement costs should material be lost, returned damaged or returned later than agreed. In particular we ask;-

a) Please only mark copies lightly in pencil. All such marks must be cleanly rubbed out prior to return.
b) Please do not punch holes in any copies.

To make arrangements for music hire please contact us on info[at], replacing “@” for “[at]” when using the email address.

We wish you every success in your performance.